What Type of Lawn Mower Should I Buy?

Lawn mowers can be broadly divided into many categories, and that’s what I would like to go over. Each of them comes with their own pros and cons. However, the type of lawn mower you should buy depends on many factors such as how long you want to spend or the size of your yard. Know the various lawn movers will be a good beginning before making any decision.

Riding Lawn Mower

The good of riding lawn mowers is that the user does not have to walk behind it and put a lot of physical effort to operate it. They just can simply sit on the mower, and operate the lawn mower while riding it.

A riding mower is best suited for lawns that are bigger and do not have many obstacles such as beaches and trees and so on.

There are many types of riding mowers too. Some have large cutting decks, while some are designed with higher horsepower for difficult terrain, and so on. And there are a number of manufacturers provide such features. You can easily choose from them.

Zero turn lawn mower

Zero turn lawn mower is designed specifically for large lawns riddled with obstacles such as flower beds, trees, benches, and so on.

As its name, these mowers have a zero turning radius and are easy to navigate around the toughest of the obstacles. Moreover, they are also a type of riding lawn mowers and come with a seat for easy operation in a large yard.

About the drawback, they can be slightly expensive. So, unless the lawn is larger than an acre and full of obstacles, it is best to go for a less expensive lawn mower than this one.

Tractor Lawn Mower

Tractor lawn mowers are one of the most versatile and largest of the lawn mowers. They are built in the image of small tractors, and they can easily be used to mow lawns that are 2 acres or larger.

The mower mechanism is fitted in the midsection of these tractor lawn mowers between the front and rear wheels. This lawn mower type can be additionally fitted with clipping collectors, aerators, carts, and so on, depending on the need. They are incredibly useful and can be very expensive.


Push Rell Lawn Mower

Push reel mowers are fitted with multiple blades, ranging somewhere from three to seven, which rotate vertically. They cut through the grass by using the scissoring action.

These push rell lawn mowers require a lot of muscle to push them around. However, some of them can be tied to a tractor for pushing them around. Despite the physical effort required, they enjoy high demand as the vertical cutting action is good for the health of the grass.

They are mostly used in the small yard or golf lawns. Push reel lawn mowers do not give good results with thick grass, or badly maintained lawns. But once the lawn is in control, they deliver the best results.

Electric Lawn Mower

As you know, the various types of lawn mowers run on gasoline or diesel. But with this lawn mower type, it fitted with an electric engine, fall under this name. So, electric lawn mowers are available in almost every category of lawn mowers. They are very convenient to use and do not make any noise while in operation. That means you can avoid some complaints from your neighbor while mowing. Most importantly, their maintenance requirements are not high compared to almost gas lawn mowers.

Electric lawn mowers are available in both cord, and cordless so that users can buy base on their choice. Moreover, these are Eco-friendly too, meaning that they will be a product of choice in the future also.

Robotic Lawn Mower

The technology in recent years has given birth to possibly the most convenient lawn mower – the robotic lawn mower. They require the users to set up a boundary wire as the perimeter of the lawn, which will guide the robotic lawn mower.

The robot mower can work overnight, while everybody is asleep so that the lawn is ready for the users’ fun time. They work irrespective of seasons, weather, or even when there is no one at home. All without disturbing the neighbors with any kind of noise. Not bad!

These robotic lawn mowers are electrically charged and require little work. In fact, when the robot mower is in need of a charge, it will simply return to its charging station by itself.

Great invention! Huh?

Am I missing something? or Do you have any ideas about what is the next lawn mower type in the future? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. For those who wanted to exert less effort, the rotary mower is suitable for you. It includes a horizontal blade that rotates as rapidly as the rotation of the engine. The grass cutting takes place underneath the lawnmower. There is a vacuum action that pulls the grass up for cutting to be made possible.


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