How To Buy A Spider Plant & Care Of Spider Plants

Spider plant is an upright nonwoody annual herbaceous plant with hairy, mostly purple stems with many branches springing up to a height close to one meter. The plant has edible leaves and each leaf has close to 7 leaflets disseminating like fingers. The flowers are long, showy with many small pink or white flowers.

With their origin in Africa and tropical Asia, spider plants currently have a worldwide distribution. It is either harvested from the wild or cultivated. It grows fast and usually ready for harvesting in a short period of time not exceeding three weeks. Spider plant is usually used as a vegetable because of its nutritional values. It is believed that spider plant replenishes blood and thus commonly referred to as “traditional meat” by some communities.

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The plant grows to a length of almost 60 centimeters high. It has tuberous fleshy roots that grow to about 5 to 10 centimeters long. The leaves are long and narrow reaching a length of 20 to 45 centimeters and a width of 6 to 25.

Millimeters Wide –

The spider plant flowers are produced in a long branched blossoming reaching a length of up to 75 centimeters. The initial flowers occur in clusters of 1 to 6 at a separation along the stem of the flowering. Most of the initial flowers produced usually die off so that the flowerings are comparatively sparsely flowered.

The spider plant can be found in two species. The “Vittatum” whose long stems are is usually sold in hanging baskets to display the floral and secondly the “Variegatum” which has dark green leaves with white leeway and generally smaller than “vitta tum”.

Buy A Spider Plant-

Buy a Spider Plant

Spider plant is a great plant for your home or office. It is easy to grow, looks great hanging in a basket or on a desk, dresser or high shelf. Plus you can easily turn one spider plant into many, so be a gift for friends or to just have in multiple places around the home. Spider plant is also great for leaning the air, including formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Even if you don’t have a lot of light in a room artificial light can keep a spider plant alive.

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The plants grow easily and thus able to thrive in a broad range of conditions. It can tolerate temperatures down to 2 degrees Celsius, but grow favorable at temperatures between 18 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. High fluoride or boron levels can damage the plant.

Watering and exposure to light levels should be based on the surrounding temperature but it should generally be watered during morning hours and exposed to minimal light rays either in the morning or evening.

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