How to Decorate Garden with Waste Material – Step to Step Guide

Behind all those amazing things, it has a story of wastes. End of the story everything again become wastes. This is true that we often fall into the problem with those non using thing. This is happening just because we never knew how to use them. At day to day life, we throw those things into the dustbin. Then again we pay money for those things, where wastes can be its replacement.


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In Europe, I was many of school have a garden. And teachers inspire their young student to decorate the garden with wastes. Then again I had read their journal and saw many videos about the same intention. I discover how smart and the fine idea it is! Finally, I feel the importance to share the total experience to people. In this session, I am going to describe everything about best out of waste ideas for the garden.

In basically we consider an old car tire, can of color or drinks, old furniture, drums, and other things. We often forgot the thing, waste and dust are not the same. Interesting and many historical things are made from wastes. Actually, not only garden decorating but also a garden preparing can possible by wastes. Can u imagine about a garden where small orchids are smiles from the different type of color can, a jackfruit tree stands inside a big drum or an old cooking pan are uses as water pot? Very interesting, right? Let’s check how it actually works.

Why those garden materials from wastes are interesting

As I say, when I was in Europe, I had many friends. Often I discuss with them about the same things. They show me much logic behind why recycle of wastes are important. Maybe you are thinking only about saving money from buys things for your garden. Yes, it happens. But it saves your living place to become a garbage and decorate your garden as well as. Then again, it will make a creative image of yourself to people. And all those things I had the face before. Who doesn’t want to spend time there with this friend, or with a book and a cup of tea? I am sure that you will feel good and striking while you spend time there. So, the article is going to be like a map of all among those things.

The old tire of the car:

The old tire of the car

In Asian continental country I saw, people use to burn tires at tumult. But after watching tires as a cradle, I become amazed. A different portion of the same garden I found some more tire as Fence of Seedling trees. Because tire is not too friendly to absorb with soil and water, it is a good protection for little trees. Not only a tire but also old car can make an extraordinary impression in the garden. I saw it in a school garden. Besides most of the garden has dog cottages. Similar thing I mean, the school authority also have a dog. But there is no cottage for the dog. Interestingly they clean the inside of the car and prepare it properly as an ideal dog cottage. Even at the top of the car, their students plant many colorful Bush classified flower.

Unused Water drums:

Unused Water drums

How average people use the useless water drum? Maybe they use it as their dustbin or put them out of their area as garbage. But did you imagine an unused water drum can become a tree container? I guess you are going to have a question that, why we have a container while we can plant them at the soil. Well, Trees of the container have few facilities actually. Like you can move them at the essential moment from sunlight, rain or when you want. To decorate purpose install those drum one after one.

Then again water drum can use as seed or fertilizer container. Bust the interesting thing is, you can modify a water drum as a birds nest. Then install the bird’s nest on the proper height at a tree. Because of regular Graining bird will start to like to live there. Having a nest is too important in a garden. Because garden without the bird, look like lifeless exhausted. Only your water drum nest and birds can decorate and revive it again.

Colorful cans or soda bottle:

Colorful cans or soda bottle

In the different county, people use soda bottle for preserve juice, drinks or water in the fridge. But most of time cola cans are consider as garbage. Both of them can be used in the garden. The best way is, arrange those colorful cans in a specific sequence and plant orchid them. It will make a colorful and Tasteful environment in your garden. And yes! Do you want to make this attractive to children? Then add some colorful ribbon and hand those cans with orchid sequentially.

I saw in many garden people make large vase by using the soda bottle. This is a little bit complex method to make. But looks so relaxation. But make a Fence with soda bottle is both of easy and fascinating to people. People will be surprised after watching if you can make a symbolic combination by the different colored can. Moreover, at Urban Vertical Gardening, the plastic bottle is too useful. Day by day it becomes popular and people want to have at least one of the wall of his house decorated as the vertical garden. I guess you are going to love such type of use of waste can and bottle to garden decoration.

Old wardrobe:

Old wardrobe

how will be if you found beehive inside your old wardrobe? Exciting matter right? You can install your old wardrobe to garden and plant their bee. Inside the drawer of the wardrobe is the best place to make a beehive. Moreover, Beehive will be helpful to the garden. Cause bees help to Pollination naturally. As a bonus, you will have natural and pure honey from your own garden.

Not only that. Surprisingly you have an option to planting trees on wardrobe. After fill with soil and fertilizer, the Upside of each drawer is finely prepared for planting. The creative arrangement can make a magnetic impression to it. For decoration purpose, you can modify the top portion of the wardrobe to keep there you tea-set. This simple step will make a cordial nature to your garden.

Broken Chair & Table:

Broken Chair & Table

As I say, I was visiting a school where kids decorate their garden with waste materials. Even they did not leave their broken chair and table of their classroom. They repair them and install it at the garden at the proper way to arrange. Top of the table is perfect for make hanging plantation. Then again after repair, all the chair become usable. They install all the chair around of table. Rest of the decoration, the garden becomes perfect for spend Interregnum. But regular watering on the top of the table is indeed.

Ladder and nest:

Ladder and nest

Do you have broken ladder at your home? Are you going to keep them out of your house? If it is yes, then change your aim now. It is better to do how I say. Maybe this is not a too common way to use. But it looks too aesthetic, that’s why I suggest you.

Install the ladder with a wall. Hang cola can with each step of the ladder. For more advanced feedback use colorful ribbon to hang. Top of the ladder, install a nest with the wall. Even you have to make the nest by wastes as I said before in this article. Here I want to mention one thing especially. However you plant or whatever plant, don’t forget to keep their care regularly. Else lack of care your decorated garden can be destroyed. Keep care of plant with water and essential fertilizer.

  • Bathtub – Old bathtub is perfect for hanging gardening. Make a structure with wood what can keep the tub upper from the surface. Plant there Hang out flower plant. The real beauty will explore When the plants are become hanging out from the tub to down.
  • Aquarium – You can bring your Eliminated aquarium to your garden. Put little and Hang out trees inside it. Your creative organizing cam makes an archaic look to it easily.
  • Old cooking pan – In order to the durability, all the old cooking pan are awesome. After some modification, you can use it as a watering pot for your garden. Else as a tree container it also awesome.

All most every waste are recyclable and reusable. only creative minded people can use them again, Wastes are also can be our property. They are not made pollution naturally.

So finally I like to convey thanks to you for reading till now. Actually, we make the earth the world a go-down of garbage and wastes. This is very alarming. People should become a concern. Recycle and using wastes can be a good step here. Hope one day we all can revive the world again by using recycled materials in the garden and other places.

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