Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower Review

Having a lawn or backyard makes your home look great. You want your lawn to look clean all the time but this can be tricky when leaves from the trees are all over. If you don’t have the right tools to get rid of the leaves, branches and other debris from your lawn and pathways, the place will look messy.

Using a manual lake can be a great idea but it can be time-consuming and tiring. To make your work easier, I would recommend you to try using a leaf blower. Since there are varieties of leaf blowers on the market, I have narrowed down your search and therefore provide you with a full review of the Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower.

Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower Review

This is a powerful tool you need in your home to make blowing leaves fast and easy. The tool is simple to use and packed with impressive features. Read on to find more details about this leaf blower.

Important Features of Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower

Efficient Performance

It doesn’t matter if you are using the blower for simple to tough tasks, it is designed to provide you with an efficient performance. It features a quality engine that offers ample power to get the job done. This blower brags of a 2-stroke engine technology that has minimal effects on the environment. It produces less fumes making it safe to use as compared to other leaf blowers you will find on the market today.  Apart from the blower, you will also get a taper nozzle and a user manual to guide you.


The weight is an important consideration when buying a leaf blower. This blower weighs about 8.6 pound that means that when blowing the leaves it won’t be heavy hence making is easier to use.  Even after using the blower for long, you will not experience fatigue. It has a user-friendly interface hence giving you an easy operation. If you would also like to transport it from one point to the other, you will find it easy.

Large air volume and velocity

Due to its large air volume and velocity, Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower can blow a large farm of leaves. This blower produces 170 MPH of air velocity in every hour when it is used with taper nozzle. With this high velocity, you can blow a large lawn without spending more time. With an air volume of 441 cubic feet in every minute, the blower gives you fast blowing results. You will find it effective during autumn when the trees are shedding leaves and flowers. You can use the tool perfectly for removing all the dirt on your lawn.


Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower will give you the longest service you will ever want. Although you may find it more expensive it will end up being cheap in the long run. Why go for a cheap product when it is not durable when you can get an expensive one and save in the long run.

Buying a non-durable yard tool will mean that you will have to buy a new one more frequently to replace the destroyed one. This will not encourage you to save because you will be spending more buying and also waste time researching for a yard product to buy. In case your product has technical issues, then the company has a warranty of 2 years for commercial user, 7 years for small scale user and 1 year for a rental user.

Easy to start

A leaf blower that is complicated on how to start can be so annoying. After all, you don’t want to spend your time starting the machine. Starting this unit is straightforward because the start button is just near your hand and you can easily start and end the session whenever you want. This makes work easier for you the user because it is only a matter of seconds and your blower will be on or off. Additionally, it has an auto-return stop switch to make starting easier.


The Hitachi rb24eap Handheld Blower is small in size to ensure that it fits well in your hand when handling and working with it. This means that it is advantageous for the small scale user than the large scale users. Even though it will still serve commercial users too that disadvantage makes them feel that it was only made for small scale users. To add on the comfort, the blower is designed with two-finger throttles that offer you with a simple operation.


  • Fast especially for the small scale users
  • Lightweight making it easy to handle in the yard
  • It is environmental friendly
  • Long warranty
  • Comes with a user guide
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to install


  • Complaints of bad customer service
  • It is loud

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of oil does this handheld blower use?

A: This blower doesn’t use any specific oil. It will work fine with the basic 2-cycle engine oil.

Q: Can I use non-ethanol gasoline with this Hitachi blower?

A: According to the information provided in the manual, using ethanol gasoline reduces the engine life. If you use ethanol gas, then it will make the warranty void.

Q: How do I start this blower? Does it have a switch, button or cord?

A: Starting this blower is simple. You simply need to pull the cord.


Tools are designed to make your work easier. If you need a faster and effective way of blowing leaves on your lawn, this Hitachi handheld leaf blower will be a great investment. The tool is lightweight and comfortable, efficient and features a powerful engine to get the job done. It is also designed with a low-emission engine making it environment-friendly.

Considering all the great features of this blower, you definitely need it, especially during autumn. It will help you with simple to hard blowing tasks without using much of your effort. Get this blower and you will not have to struggle with other manual tools to clean your yard, lawn, and pathways.

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