Best Cheap LED Grow Lights for All Your Indoor Needs

When I started indoor growing, I instantly knew that I had to get the best cheap LED grow lights if I was to succeed. I had to consider all the important factors determining the grow light quality. As a grower, one must focus on maximizing production while conserving energy.

I choose to focus on:

  • High Power Cooling Systems

High-powered LEDs emit a lot of heat, without proper cooling, they would easily shut down. Just as CPUs, the ideal grow light should have a fan and a heat sink, at the least. The metal pad and other mechanisms provide easy ways for the heat to dissipate from the LED.

  • An Adjustable Output Spectrum

Increasingly, LED grow lights are available in many colors. Your choice of light should have an output spectrum supporting the various plants you wish to grow. I had to be particularly wary of the growing season too.
For instance, colors can either be matched to summer time or the flowering season. A varying light output allows you to simulate seasonal light changes, suiting the growth cycle of an indoor plant.

  • A Constant Current-Driver Circuit

The electronic current circuit powering the LED grow light is a critical quality determinant. It functions by converting AC current to the more stable DC form. When the intensity is regulated, good results are more consistent.

Apart from focusing on space-saving designs, I looked into the lifespan of all the reviewed LED grow lights. Here are the 5 best cheaps LED grow lights which give you several options to work with:

Our Pick Of The Best Cheap  LED Grow Lights:

1. MarsHydro LED Grow Light


Giving you the proper light spectrum for healthy plant growth, Mars300 ensure photosynthesis proceeds naturally. With sixty individual light diodes, incorporates 650-660nm, 620-630nm, 450-475nm, 430-440nm, and white spectrums.

For any stage of your plant growth, this spectrum will deliver suitable and faster results. Consuming only 140 watts, the diodes don’t operate at their full capacity, making them last even longer.


As soon as I turned this LED growth light on, the large diameter fan spun blowing cool air over its heatsink, this expels all the hot air from the diodes. Such an environment allows them to run at the best efficiency. If they were to become too hot, they would eventually fall off.

Ideal Usage

Though it doesn’t perform quite as well as higher powered lights, MarsHydro Mars300 does inexplicably well in cloning, vegging, and seeding. It delivers the correct intensity amount, satisfying the craving plants and boosting their growth. This LED light is ideal for small-scale grow such as:

  • Closet growing
  • Stealth boxes
  • PC case grows
  • Safety

Overall safety and better quality are assured by several precautionary measurements. All plugs have complied with UL Certification standards, guaranteeing you of proper manufacture and design. All your plants receive equal exposure to light, eliminating possible stunted growth.

I expect to enjoy more than 50,000 hours of excellent service from this model. If you only focus on flowering, this might not be your grow light; they will be decent but not quite the best.

2. Roleadro LED Grow Light

This indoor lighting system offers you a wide light spectrum, allowing you to keep growing through all seasons. The 9 light bands represent most of what the sun naturally provides for plants outdoors. Throughout seeding, vegging, and blossoming, the light adequately sustains and spurs fast growth.

Quiet Cooling

Most lights on the market have an irritating hum. I was particularly pleased by almost negligible noise produced by this model’s fan. Generally, GALAXYHYDRO 300W produces lesser heat, giving the dual fan system an even lesser load to handle.

FYI: Surprisingly, some single fan grows lights are noisier!

Coverage Area

While most of the LED lights cover a small area, this system adequately lights between 3 and 5 square feet of growing space. Depending on your growing scales, you won’t require as many light trays. All plants within the coverage area receive a similar amount of light, enhancing uniformity.

Guaranteed Security

You are free to request if this product fails you. In addition, this LED grows light has an excellent warranty, further assuring you of its quality build and excellent working conditions.

Important Spectrum Parts

With GALAXYHYDRO LED light, your plants receive both ultraviolet and infrared lights. Infrared is particularly useful for facilitating cell division during the flowering and vegetative stages; this significantly increases yield!

Ultraviolet light is invaluable in killing and sterilizing bacteria; this effectively counters the negative plant growth cycle.

Promising you an overhaul of your indoor farming, this 300W model offers you more coverage at a lower price. All the while, you forego the inconveniences of unreliability and moisture buildup.

3. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector Series


The Series 300W is light, efficient, and compact, making it suitable for any grower. Its LED growing power places it a class above its competitors. While the grow light’s engineering maintains LED output consisting of high lumens, it is limited to enhance PAR, also essential for healthy growth.

Whether you’re growing herbs or flowers, the full light spectrum ensures excellent results all year. The plants’ colors are more vibrant and the aromas and flavors better.


Several years of growing experience has led to appreciating what powerful LED lights have to offer; this model is simple and convenient in design. Its packaging box has substantial padding for protection. The power plug on its back makes it simple and neat to use.

Energy Efficiency

Since I started using this HPS lighting system, power consumption has drastically reduced! The results have remained consistently high. This efficient growth is enabled by a conducive environment, almost similar up with the natural outdoors.

12 Band Spectrum

With a panel consisting of the entire 12 light spectrum bands, you can choose an intensity of between 440nm and 730nm; this ensures optimal plant photosynthesis. Though the white and blue spectrums seem prominent, all stages of plant growth are covered.

Caution: While bright LED light is suitable for excellent growth, you should always wear eye protection to avoid harming your vision, avoiding direct eye contact with the light is also advised.

With this LED light, you no longer have to deal with messy cables when expanding the garden. It comes equipped with the daisy chain feature, allowing you to easily chain all the sets you need.

4. Roleadro LED Grow Light, 75w


With an incredible 117 red and 52 blue LED pieces, Roleadro panel shines a bright, consistent light on your indoor plants. These two contribute to a healthy photosynthesis pattern, allowing your plants to flourish through all stages

Improve Your Growing Rapidly

This LED light will have leaves popping up within 12 days of daily use, power consumption remains consistently low. For this, you will have to cover an area of not more than 7 to 8 square feet.

FYI: Depending on the growth cycle which your plants are in, the light can be hung between 18” and 48” above the space.

Power Management

With an actual power of 25.2W, this LED grows light offers you more than other products in its category. The heat dissipation has been improved by a thick aluminum-alloy plate, lowering the power needed to keep it cool, the seeds and plants remain safe.

For better light effect, this LED grow light system uses a top-of-the-range concentrating cup kit silver-surface heat oil spray. 95% of the emitted light is absorbed directly by the plants, with power consumption dropping by 80% when compared to traditional lights.

5. The New UNIFUN 45W LED Grow Light, UNIFUN


Compared to its predecessors, the New Upgrade 45W has stronger IR and UV lights; you can use it ideal for all indoor plants through all growth stages. Your plants receive all the IR/UV/Red/Blue 4 peak bands required for healthy growth.

Though it consumes little power, this LED grow light offers high luminous efficiency. Its 50,000hrs lifespan gives you extensive quality service.

Ideal Uses

With this high-performance grow light, you can grow:

  • Tomatoes
  • Grapes
  • Seaweed
  • Dendrobium
  • Flowers
  • Eggplant
  • Lettuce, and so on

The bright light produced should be avoided directly as it may harm your vision; sunglasses will do. The infrared is useful in plant blooming (though it seems dim) while ultraviolet fosters good sterilization and seeding.


Coming with small attaching clips and a wire cord, you can easily choose what height you wish to maintain between the grow light and plants. Its simple-to-use design makes it feel sturdy and compact. With a thickness of fewer than 1-1/2 inches, it fits neatly in your space.

While using it, shut off the power before installing to avoid shock hazards. Ideally, the light should be shut off after 16 hours of continuous use. With it, growing vegetables, herbs, and everything else all year round become a reality!

Final Verdict

Which is your best pick? Growing plants indoors is a fun and healthy way to access fresh farm produce. The cheap LED grow lights offer the best features within their category, allowing you to practice your passion at the comfort of your home.

Do you have any comments or questions you would like answered? Drop us a note and we will get back to you promptly. All the best!

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