Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews – Top Rating Models in 2022

Are you looking for the best electric hand planer? Picking the right one for your needs will enable you to perform rough chipping, rebating, chamfering, and back fitting with minimal skills! Unlike conventional hand planer, I find electric models more efficient in delivering the highest quality finishes.

When picking your ideal electric hand planer, you should consider:

The Type

Depending on where you will be using your planer, you can either choose a corded or cordless one:

Corded Planers – In most cases, woodworkers prefer corded electric hand planers; there’s no limit to how long you can use it. They have powerful motors capable of processing any wood type. The models last longer and offer you many other conveniences.

Cordless Planers – Also having many advantages, these models can be conveniently used in any hard-to-reach environment. Their portability makes them ideal woodworking tools for minor repair and renovations at home, and even a busy woodwork shop! They are light, facilitating the smoothing or vertical surfaces.


Your planer’s motor power determines the overall performance; the model you pick must handle your work scope. If you only planer several boards occasionally, a medium-powered model will suffice. A high-power planer is invaluable for those with many of woodwork projects.

Electric hand planer is largely affected by the tool’s cutter head with knives; higher speeds consequently result in smoother surfaces.

Here are the 5 electric hand-held planers I reviewed in my successful quest:

Top 5 Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews

1. Makita 1806B Hand Planer

Makita 1806B Hand Planer

This tough-looking electric hand planer offers you size, excellent performance, and sheer power. After giving it a few runs, I was amazed by the 10.9 amp and its incredible 30,000 cuts a minute! Whether you’re a professional or a novice woodworker, the planer’s sleek design fits all purposes.

Driving Like a Dream!

Makita put a lot of thought in the functionality and design of their 1806B model. User comfort has been greatly improved through the incorporation of adjustable health settings in the handle. I found the back and front grips particularly useful.

Makita 1806B has a rare trick up its sleeve. Its sole plate has a lock button, significantly increasing stability for the best finishes. While using it, I didn’t put a foot wrong even once! The design only gives perfect result without the slightest errors.

10.9 Amp 

This powerful amp operates the planer’s Two-blade cutter head, chopping all wood pieces on its path at 15,000 rpm. The high-speed steel blades should be kept at their sharpest for the best results. I was able to cut 1/16” deep and 6-3/4” in a single motion, that’s simply awesome!

To allow the user, even more, accuracy, this electric hand planer features a machined aluminum base. This, along with the many freebies the planer comes with (a wrench and sharpening holder assembly), makes it an ideal pick for most woodwork needs.

2. DeWalt D26677K 3-1/4” Electric Hand Planer

DeWalt D26677K

With its hefty 5.5 amp motor, this powerful planer generates a consistent 34,000 cuts per minutes, making your finishes even smoother. Weighing only 6 pounds, it felt very comfortable in my hand; the enlarged D-shaped handle made handling easier. It, however, doesn’t feature rubber over-mold like other power tools.

Very Well Balanced

The D26677K only tilts slightly forward when picked up; the lock-on button adjacent to the planer’s spring-loaded trigger can easily be activated with the thumb to ensure maximum stability and the best finishes. As soon as I depressed, I was able to fully concentrate on planning without any other input.

FYI: pressure on the planer’s trigger has to be maintained until one engages the lock-on button.

Hard Shell-Case for Easy Transport and Storage

I general DeWalt produces strong cases to go along with their powerful tools; this particular model is one of the most functional, offering you rare convenience through ease of operation. D26677K fits perfectly inside with all its bits and piece.

The case is built to handle a considerable level of abuse without breaking apart.

Easy Adjustment

This electric planer’s adjustment knob is conveniently placed just in front of its main handle. Incidentally, this is used as a forward handle. I was able to easily rotate the knob to all the 14 positions, with each level lowering or raising the blade. To set the front shoe with the blade flush, I used the zero-out’ indicator.

3. Porter-Cable 6 AMP Hand Planer

Porter-Cable 6 AMP Hand Planer

Like its predecessor, the new PORTER-CABLE electric hand planer is similar in size but much lighter. It felt very comfortable in my hand! The planer’s 6 amp motor rotates the blades at 16,500 rpm. With it, I found it extremely easy to profile and chamfer edges as well as planning planks, joists, rafter, and wood doors.

Dust Collection

Being a powerful tool, the PORTER-CABLE planer shoots a lot of dust. Conventional planers lack the capacity to stop that dust from interfering with airflow. This tool’s thick mesh does an impeccable job of collecting sawdust in a bag before it does any damage.

I was able to hold this tool in any position while still collecting dust. These ports are compatible with your home vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can use its adaptor to connect it to a site vacuum hose.

Easy To Use

This electric planer features an exceptionally nice cutter head depth adjustment option. You can use its front knob handle to make depth adjustments; the elaborate positive stops (11) can move up to 5/64” from 1/16”. You no longer have to guess your way through the sensitive woodwork.

The adjustable edge guide makes it easy to trim doors with incredible efficiency. When designing, the edge guide might have been an afterthought but its efficiency is very beneficial! It would do with a bit of beefing up in the next model.

4. Cheapest electric hand planer -WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer

WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer

When I first saw it, I was shocked to realize that this planer runs on a 6 amp motor. It does an unbelievable 34,000 cuts a minute, making your finishes absolutely smooth. For a hand planer, the efficiency and performance are compelling. The top quality motor promises to give you years of service.

Cutting Depth Adjustment

With a total of sixteen positive stops, you can cut as mildly deep as you need from 0 to 1/8”. Such kind of efficiency and luxury enables me to complete my projects faster and with unmistakable accuracy. No matter your primary material, this feature ensures excellence.


As a professional carpenter or novice, it’s always good to have a tool you can deploy to any environment whenever the need arises. This electric hand planer weighs only 6 lbs, making it light enough to carry around without straining, you won’t have to seek expensive solutions.

Rabbeting Capacity

When it comes to size, this planer has been designed to make rabbets of up to 1”. You can make all the rabbets you require using the tool’s helpful 5/16” rabbeting guide; I was able to make perfect rabbets with minimal challenges.

The planer comes with a parallel fence bracket, kickstand, and dust bag. The standard warranty is proof of its high quality. If you are looking for are looking for a cheap and compact planer, the WEN 6530 fits the bill.

5. DeWalt DW680K 7 Amp Electric Planer

DeWalt DW680K 7

This solid and compact product from DeWalt is an excellent tool, equipped with a heavy-duty 7 Amp motor. It is the most powerful planer I reviewed. Apart from easily handling all my woodwork needs, I was able to make cuts of3/32” in a single pass even during tough applications. With it, you can ensure the smoothest finishes on all wood types.

Depth Adjustment Knob Calibration

Throughout my project, as I was testing this planer, I no longer had to constantly re-calibrate since the fine-tuned depth settings lock into place. Even after using it extensively, it was still easy to use and comfortable on the hand.

Compatibility with Blades

The DeWalt DW680K electric hand planer can accommodate large steel blades. This is invaluable in reversible carbide and straight edging. Making square rabbet joints and framing is easy to accomplish. For the best results, the blades should always be kept sharp.

All your work will be precisely accurate and excellently finished. This high-powered electric planer can be easily carried wherever and whenever it is needed.


With these electric hand planers, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. The excellent features have been placed conveniently to ensure not only efficiency but also the user’s safety. My work has been flawless ever since I started using the best electric hand planer on the market. Are you ready to get started?

What’s your pick? Let us know in the comment section. You can also get in touch to have any of your questions answered. Godspeed!

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