Top 10 Best Citrus Fertilizer for 2022

Growing trees is a process that requires patience and time. If you are planning to grow citrus trees, you need to invest in the best citrus fertilizer. Just like any other type of trees, citrus trees also need the right nutrients for a healthy growth. Apart from getting the right fertilizer, you should also know how to use it well to get the best fruits.

There are different types of citrus fertilizers that you will find on the market. To help you pick the right one, we have sampled top citrus fertilizers that will help you get healthy trees. Go through our expert and honest reviews to help you choose the right fertilizer.

Best Citrus Fertilizer Reviews

You should fertilize your citrus trees once every one or two months. The following are recommended citrus fertilizers that work well.

1. Miracle-Gro Shake and Feed Continuous Release Citrus

The Miracle-Gro Shake and Feed Continuous Release citrus fertilizer come packed in a four and a half-pound container. This fertilizer formulated for use on citrus trees and a few other plants. The fertilizer’s formulation has an n-p-k (nitrogen – phosphate – potash) ratio of 8-2-10.

These values are the percentage of the nutrients in the fertilizer. As mentioned in the pros segment, the potassium and nitrogen levels are higher than that of the phosphate. Because the nitrogen, potassium, and nitrogen nutrients tend to get depleted sooner than the phosphate in the citrus plant.

The fertilizer continuously releases nutrients, and it does not tend to burn your plant or overfeed the plant. To improve its lack of some nutrients, it contains some additional potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and iron.

Once you use the amount that is recommended on the plant just one time, it will feed the tree for a period of up to three months without having to use the fertilizer on the tree again. You can use the fertilizer on already existing in-ground or new citrus, mango, and avocado trees.


  • Has a high potassium and nitrogen concentration.
  • Does not burn your citrus tree.
  • It is easy for you to feed your plant.
  • One application can feed the plant for up to three months.


  • The phosphate nutrient ratio is not as high as that in other fertilizers.

2. Jobe’s Organics 09226

This fertilizer is of great use on both new trees and other already planted trees. This gives you the advantage of getting to use it on any tree that you have in your garden. The fertilizer comes packaged in three different size bags. There is the one and a half-pound bag, four pounds bag, and the sixteen-pound bag.

The fertilizer is both organic and granular, making it more effective on your plants within a short duration after use. You can be assured that it does not have any synthetic chemicals. Since it is OMRI listed by USDA, which means it is certified. Being packaged in a bag makes it easier to pour it out on the plant.

The n-p-k ratio is at a 3-5-5 ratio, respectively, and this means that the nitrogen and potassium are not as plenty as it is in other fertilizers. To make up for this drawback, the fertilizer has a proprietary mix of Jobe Biozime that is not found in other fertilizers.

This is a microorganism that breaks down any unwanted materials to give you a better outcome. It also helps in improving soil conditions, and your tree also gets to withstand any weather conditions and resist insects and diseases.


  • Works quickly when used on your citrus trees.
  • Includes a blend of Jobe Biozome that is not found in other fertilizer brands.
  • It helps your tree resist disease as well as insects and unfavorable conditions.


  • The phosphate ratio is almost equal to that of nitrogen and phosphorous, which should not be the case.

3. Miracle-Gro Fruit and Citrus Plant Food Spikes

If you are searching for fertilizer to increase the yield in your garden and to enhance the beauty of the garden, then you should get the Miracle-Gro Fruit and Citrus Plant Food Spikes. The Miracle-Gro Fruit and Citrus Fertilizer Spikes enable the tree to reach its full potential.

To get the best product from your trees, you should use the fertilizer once during spring and another one time during fall. This fertilizer feeds the nutrients directly to the plant roots, and the roots are where your citrus tree requires the most nutrients.

It is specially manufactured with the MicroMax nutrients that are iron and manganese, giving the tree better yields and a larger volume of fruit production. The fertilizer has twelve spikes in each package, and it can be a variety of citrus trees and other fruits.

Applying the fertilizer to your citrus trees is quite easy, and although it is not considered as an organic fertilizer, it still is made of natural ingredients.


  • You only apply the fertilizer once during spring and again during fall.
  • The fertilizer provides the nutrients directly to the citrus tree’s roots where it is most needed.
  • Greater fruit production and it promotes lusher foliage output.


  • It is not an organic fertilizer though it contains natural ingredients.

4. J R Peters Inc 52524

This fertilizer packed in a one-pound bucket that has a re-sealable lid, which is there to ensure that your fertilizer remains in great condition. The fertilizer has an n-p-k ratio of 20-10-20 formulation. This ratio provides your citrus plant with the optimum amount of nutrients in the mixture.

This fertilizer works greatly on other trees like mangoes, lemons, grapes, oranges, and kumquats. With the focus of the fertilizer being enhancing the levels of micronutrients, it helps in the production of stronger branches, green leaves, and increased fruit production. Having an advanced formulation provides your plant with high-quality nutrients giving you better results and a beautiful and great looking garden.

When using it on your plant you need to follow a few guidelines which are given below. You will be provided with a pre-measurable scoop and you should use one scoop for each gallon of water whenever you need to feed the plants. Also, ensure that you have clarity on the amount of water that your plant requires to survive. Your citrus will require regular watering during its early stage for about two years.


  • It provides you with the right nutrient combination.
  • Enhances the micronutrient level of the citrus fruits in your garden.
  • Gives your plant great amounts of high-quality nutrients.
  • The citrus plant takes up the nutrients through the leaves and roots if nicely fed.


  • It takes up to two years to water the citrus tree while it is still young.

5. Jobe’s Organics Fruit and Citrus Fertilizer

Although the Jobe’s Organics Fruit and Citrus Fertilizer are not manufactured in spray form, it is actually all the more efficient since you do not have to put in extra work by mixing it up. Using this fertilizer is as easy as putting the spike in the soil and following the given instructions carefully.

If you are looking forward to having organic fruits, then it is quite necessary to use some organic fertilizer with some soil. For each spike of this fertilizer, it should provide the required amount of nutrients to your plant. You have already got your fertilizer pre-measured for your citrus plant use. You will be fed the right amount depending on the size of the tree.

For example, if your plant measures thirty centimeters in diameter, you have to use one package of spikes on the plant. It has a product Biozime that is made up of some bacteria, archaea, and mycorrhizal fungi that are formulated. The formula helps in improving the fertility of the soil, helps the plant fight diseases, and increases its root mass.


  • It is a fast-acting fertilizer for both your citrus trees and fruits.
  • Very efficient since it does not require any mixing before you apply it to the trees.
  • Each spike has every nutrient that your plant will require.
  • You get to have your work made easier since you only need to put the spike in the ground.


  • They are only designed for potted citrus trees.
  • One package contains only six spikes.

6. Southern Ag – 01902

The fertilizer is packed in a sixteen-ounce bottle, and it is in powder form. The fertilizer can be used on plants to prevent the citrus leaves from yellowing and also corrects the yellowing disease if it is already there. The Southern Ag contains five different nutrients that are essential to your citrus tree.

These five nutrients are perfectly balanced to ensure that your plant will thrive. These five nutrients are magnesium, iron, sulfur, manganese, and zinc. Alongside the fertilizer, remember to purchase a watering can or a sprayer since you have to dilute the fertilizer. The fertilizer is designed to be sprayed on the plant.

Measure one tablespoon of the fertilizer, then mix it with one gallon of water, and it will work on any tropical fruits and also the citrus. If your leaves have the yellow disease, it is best to spray the mixture on the leaves, but it can also be sprayed on the roots to help prevent any mineral deficiency.


  • Used to correct the yellow disease in case your plants have suffered the disease.
  • It contains five essential nutrients that are well balanced.
  • Can be used on any type of tree, including mangoes, olives, grapes, oranges, and many more, including ornamental trees.


  • You always have to dilute the fertilizer.

7. Espoma CT4 4-Pound

The fertilizer is specially packaged in four-pound bags and you have the option to buy it in two-pack, three-pack, or four-pack packages. The ingredients in it are all-natural and contain a lot of microbes that keep your plant healthy at all times.

This fertilizer is set out specifically for use in organic gardening therefore if you are looking for an organic citrus fruit this is a great option. You can use this fertilizer on all citrus tree types and also use it on fruit trees as well as nut trees. With this fertilizer, you can be assured that your plants are well fed and have the correct amount of nutrients.

It will help your tree grow in the correct way and with all the nutrients it requires. The n-p-k ratio has a 5-2-6 ratio formulation which unlike other fertilizers is a little less and this forces you to keep on feeding your tree much more often to acquire the much-needed results.


  • It is packaged in three different ways giving you a range of options.
  • Manufactured for any citrus tree and also fruit trees and nut trees.
  • You can use the fertilizer either from the indoors or outdoors you get to choose.


  • Has a pungent smell.
  • Due to the formulation ratio you have to feed your tree every once in a while.

8. Down To Earth Organic

This fertilizer comes packaged in a one or a five-pound box. It is a natural fertilizer and an organic fertilizer as listed by the OMRI and has a formulation of 6-3-3. It is well formulated with all the required plant nutrients which are sulfur, calcium, zinc, and iron for other plants and also your citrus plant.

The nutrients in the fertilizer provide natural organic fertilizer, nitrogen supply to the citrus tree, and refills worn-out soils. This helps in speeding up the process that goes on in the compost piles giving you better crop yields and great health for your plants.

With all the great and nutritious ingredients used to make the fertilizer you get the correct amount of phosphorous and nitrogen with potassium running a little low. These nutrients will stimulate new and amazing growth in your plants and will help you yield a lot more fruit.

For mature trees, you get to use this fertilizer four times a year on those plants and for new citrus plants, you have to use a lot more applications. This product should not necessarily be mixed with water.


  • Continuous provision of nitrogen to your citrus plant.
  • Great at refilling already worn-out soils.
  • With the organic nutrients, it gives you healthy soil.
  • You use the fertilizer mix only four times every year.


  • For new citrus trees, you have to use a little more fertilizer on them.

9. EcoScraps For Organic Gardening Citrus and Avocado Plant Food

The Ecoscraps for Organic Gardening Citrus and Avocado Plant Food fertilizer is made up of a blend of different nutrients and ingredients to give you the best result from your garden. You can use it on a range of plants including the citrus tree, grapes, avocado tree, and palms and also flowering vines.

The ingredients that make up this fertilizer include recycled materials from most of our food processing industries and they are blended into one. They are all blend into one to help make your work easier and clean when applying the fertilizer to your trees.

All the particles involved has the complete analysis for uniform application wherever you decide to apply the fertilizer. Since it is an organic fertilizer you get to use it for any organic gardening plans and for organic plants.


  • Can be used on all types of citrus trees, fruiting trees, grapes, flowering vines, and palms.
  • For an easy, even, and clean application it is an all-in-one particle.
  • It helps in reducing landfill waste.


  • For dog keepers, it might be quite harmful since the scent is appealing to dogs but it is harmful at the same time.

10. Miracle-Gro Citrus

If you are looking for a fertilizer to use on your garden and the output is some beautiful and healthy tree then the Miracle-Gro Citrus, avocado, and mango food is the go-to choice. The n-p-k ratio is a 6-4-6 formulation with phosphorus being in low amounts compared to nitrogen and potassium.

It especially made with a fifty percent slow-release nitrogen which goes a long way in helping your plant stay safe from overfeeding and burning as well. As long as you use the fertilizer as directed on the package. Then you are assured that you will get the much-desired harvest you are looking forward to.

You can use the fertilizer on either outdoor or indoor plants at any given time. It contains seven nutrients that are nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, and potassium which provide the plants with the necessary nutrients. You can use the fertilizer at any time of the season to feed your plants and obtain high yields.


  • Compared to unfed trees it promotes better fruit yields.
  • It has fourteen feedings in all bags according to a ten feet canopy.
  • Fifty percent slow nitrogen release to help prevent overfeeding.
  • Can feed for up to six weeks.


  • If instructions are not followed as specified it is easy to mess everything up.

Things to Consider

You also need to know some of the best things that make up a quality fertilizer for citrus. Here are some of the factors you get to consider before buying or using the fertilizer on your plant.

When you should apply the citrus fertilizer

From a general point of view, it is advisable to apply fertilizer to your plants once every one or two months when the plant is actively growing. When the tree is going through its dormant growth times you should apply the fertilizer once during a period of two to three months.

The tree grows actively during spring and summer and is dormant during fall and winter. The older the tree grows you can get away with not fertilizing it during the dormant season. For the active growth period, you can increase the time of application to two or three months.

You can also base the time frame for applying the fertilizer on the physical appearance of the tree.

Type of citrus tree

By now you must know that there are a variety of citrus trees that you can grow and you should understand when you have to plant them and when they get to blossom, this is some vital information that you should not ignore therefore do thorough research on that before planting them and choosing the fertilizer.

The type of fertilizer might also vary from the citrus tree you are planting. Fertilizers contain different nutrient levels that are manufactured to suit the different plants and to keep them from overfeeding, burning, or nutrient deficiency.

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How you fertilize a citrus tree

There are two different methods to go about when it comes to fertilizing your citrus tree. The first option is the leaves and the second is the ground. Almost all fertilizer products provide you with instructions on how to apply it using whichever method provided. You are either supposed to spray the fertilizer on the leaves or spread it out on the area around the soil of the tree and not somewhere near the tree’s trunk.

The type of fertilizer your tree requires.

Every citrus tree is known to benefit from a fertilizer that has a rich and well balanced NPK ratio, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, or a nitrogen source that meets its nutrient requirements. The fertilizer is also expected to have other micronutrients in it that include copper, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and boron.

All of these micronutrients play a role in helping your citrus tree grow and yield the best results. Since citrus trees tend to prefer acidic soil then you can also use acidic fertilizer on the plants.

Final Thoughts

There are so many citrus fertilizers that have been manufactured and produced in today’s market but the best citrus fertilizers still go undefeated. You sure do know the importance of having great fertilizer to use on your citrus trees. You do not want to have your tree suffering from diseases, lack of enough produce, or even nutrient deficiency.

With the top ten fertilizers that I have recommended you get healthy looking trees and high product yields with just a little touch of the right fertilizer. For organic trees, you would consider using Jobe’s products that are all organic. Remember to choose the right product for your citrus tree.

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