Air Plants Care Instructions – What You Need To Know To Grow Them Indoors


Growing air plants could be exceptionally addictive. The very first air plant that blooms in your garden will definitely attract your heart! The plant is very strange and beautiful. The one of a kind flower looks like an alien. It has inflorescent stems and a rare texture. The flower has decorated several homes with gorgeous blooms and a delicate aroma. The world has more than 500 different types of air plants alias Tillandsia. The Spanish moss is considered as one of the oldest and rarest Tillandsias. The plant grows from oak trees.

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Air species tend to grow in tight conditions. If you are planning to grow the plant, work hard to maintain the following conditions.

1) Light – the plant requires a nominal amount of bright light. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight or LED grow lights. Furthermore, the plant has to be placed in the south, west or east direction. If you are concerned about the plant’s growth, place fluorescent tubes around it.

2) Water – Like many other plants, the Tillandsia requires a prominent source of water. Water the plant at least two to four times every week. Never let the soil become dry! The plant has to be watered until the whole pot becomes saturated.

3) Heat – The plant has the power to withstand a temperature of 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit. High humidity is required to boost the plant’s growth.

4) Fertilizer – the plant has to be fed monthly. Liquid fertilizers with a nominal amount of copper will work perfectly for the plant.


The flowering plant has to be mounted carefully. It has to be placed on a solid surface, which does not retain or store up water. Moreover, you can glue up the plant to the surface or wire it to the pot’s base. Remember, that the plant must not be covered with mosses. Mosses will cause the plant to rot and die away! Nevertheless, you can grow the plant on wonderful mounts, rocks, shells, and pots.

You can group a huge variety of air plants, to add more color and life to your dwelling. Two commonly grouped plants would be Lindenii and Cyanea. These are recognized as a special variety of Tillandsias. Few other air species would be Usneoides, Xerographica, Ionantha, caput medusa, and Circinnata. These plants have the power to adapt to rapid and unimaginable soil conditions.

Air Plants Care


Air plant aficionados will understand the plant’s impeccable nature. The plant has a royal leaf, with traces of coral colors. When maintained and looked after with care, the plant will add more life your garden or room. The plants will take some time to grow. This will range from the few months to several years. Similarly, the plant’s base variety will help you gather new offsets. These offsets will be half the size of a huge Tillandsia.

The flowering plants are quite interesting. Growing them under flawless conditions will be a quite a challenge! Nevertheless, the color and shapes of air plants will definitely keep you awestruck.


When you want to buy air plants, do you look at its beauty or its benefits? Do you know that the green plant has more than twenty health benefits? Like many other plant varieties, the air plants will enhance your home and environment. Similarly, do you know that the plant works to fight intense headaches, reduce stress and battle against the cold? Read on to understand the benefits of air plants!

Removes contaminants

“Air plants for sale” is quite common in busy cities. This is because the plant removes harmful airborne contaminants. The air we breathe is filled with pollutants. These particles will ruin your health and cause unforeseen diseases. Nevertheless, air plants will eradicate these detrimental contaminants for you.

Fight against cold

Are you hunting for an appropriate remedy against the cold? Indoor air plants will help you reduce cold-related symptoms by at least 30%. Air plants work to reduce air-borne dust and excess humidity.

Better homes!

Better homes

The Air plants will make you happy! Inexpensive plants from wholesale nurseries will definitely cheer every soul! On the contrary, air plants will take you to a whole new level. These plants have increased the joy in homes and contributed to a feeling of wellness. Furthermore, the spectacular plants can be used to create calmer and more optimistic environments.

The cleaner mind!

In that case, Another remarkable reason, why you should consider buying air plants, would be its mental facets. Research has proved that the plant produces enzymes to enhance the mental health of its owner. Thus, if you feel depressed or lonely, sit in front of an air plant. You will definitely experience mental relief.

Reducing blood pressure

If you have been suffering from high blood pressure, go for an air plant garden. The one of a kind plant has healing powers. It calms homes by bringing down the dwelling’s stress levels. Conversely, reduced stress means lowered blood pressure.

Bringing down the levels of Carbon Dioxide

Like many other plants, air plants can be used to reduce carbon dioxide. The plant draws in carbon dioxide and cleans the air. Furthermore, it eliminates carbon dioxide to eradicate drowsiness. These are few unseen effects and benefits of air plants.

Decorating homes with air plants

Air plants come in spectacular varieties. The plants look, smell and feel good. The plant’s funnel-shaped flowers are accompanied by strap-shaped leaves. Air plants look like architectural elements. This makes it apt for decorating homes and workplaces. Air plants like “Tillandsia Aeranthos” will definitely add more life and color to your homes. These plants can be hung in glass containers. They will certainly compliment your home’s background and walls.

Air plants in your bedroom

Air plants in your bedroom

Think of your sleep hours, when you see fresh air plants. Special varieties of air plants will increase the atmosphere’s oxygen level. This gives a prominent reason, why you should have air plants in your bedroom!

A plant that multitasks

Unlike many other plants, you don’t need to follow strict standards whilst growing healthy air plants. Air plants require a nominal amount of maintenance. This makes it apt for busy nature lovers. Remember that when you see air plants, you are looking into a unique plant that multitasks extensively.


Air plant terrarium alias small indoor gardens will help you decorate your home naturally. The terrarium is a small garden established with the help of glass containers. The customs made garden requires a nominal amount of maintenance and care. It is apt for people, who love small plants but are void of time! The glass containers can be used to grow a wide range of plants. From small grass varieties to startling air plants, the terrarium is made to accommodate diverse plants. When you want to create peace and beautify your living room, you must group up several air plant terrariums!


When you want to build an air plant terrarium, plan on your plants. The world has nearly 500 different varieties of air plants. Thus, choose a plant that will add color to your indoors. Decide on plants that are small and maintainable. The plant has to fit into the terrarium. Similarly, go for varieties that favor shade. Glass tends to reduce the amount of light received by the plants. If you grow plants that love the sun, you must invest more money, find an open-air window or watch them die! Finally, decide on air plants that tolerate excess humidity and acclimatize with the home’s environment.


You are allowed to choose the shape and size of your air plant terrarium. The container must have enough space for your plant and offsets. Plants grow every day! The container must provide room for the plant’s new branches and roots. The marketplace has a huge variety of terrariums. This includes the following:

1) Wardian Cases – These are specialized containers for air plants. The cases come in closed and open styles.

2) Lantern Cloches – These are used to store air plants, which resist high humidity. Lantern Cloches can be maintained easily. This is because the Cloches are well ventilated.

3) Vases and compotes – These are simple open top vessels. You can use these containers to store plants that need a nominal amount of water and soil.

4) Aquariums – air plant terrariums can be made with aquariums. The open vessel will allow you to grow lots of plants and small animals.


Remember that air plant terrariums must be stored in a perfect place! Air plants will need light, thus prepare a place with sufficient amounts of sunlight or fluorescent lighting for your terrariums. Else, you should purchase lights that are customized to create a garden effect. Additionally, the place must not be too cool or too hot for the air plants.

Placing an AC or a heater next to your terrarium is definitely an immature decision. Air plant terrariums must be maintained once in a while! The plants must be watered occasionally. Watering will help you grow healthy plants. Similarly, remove small weeds and sick leaves. This will create a perfect consign for your air plants. Finally, never store your air plants in an air-tight place for too long!

If you have an air plant terrarium, remember to take good care of it!

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