Gardening is something that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. The thought of growing our own fresh herbs, then cooking them with our own home-grown vegetables and legumes is so healthy and deliciously seductive, as is the idea of biting into mouth-watering strawberries, watermelons, apples, oranges, and many other common and exotic fruits grown right in our own backyard, in our own vegetable patch, orchard, or garden.

Whether you’re brand new to garden design or have been a gardener for some time, garden planning can truly help enhance the look and feel of your garden, as well as make your gardening experience so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

In this site, we plan to provide great tips, information, articles, and resources on growing your own herbs, vegetables, shrubs and plants, composting, soil nutrition, indoor gardening, garden landscaping designbackyard and front yard landscaping ideas, greenhouses, garden tools, garden fencing, organic vegetables, organic gardening methods, hydroponic gardening systems, flower gardens, seasonal gardening, starting a hobby garden, attracting birds and butterflies to your garden, caring for plants, using fertilizers, growing food and produce for local markets, and so much more.

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Who is behind About Garden Tool

Scott T. McNeill is the founder of Aboutgardentool. He is also a father and a husband. He is a huge fan of nature, he found that nature makes him happy, relax and get more inspiration to focus on his work. This garden blog is where he can be himself, share his passion and learn as much as he can about gardening!

And Evan is a garden blogger in his free time.  In his life, Evan has been a sales manager, a freelancer, and of course, a gardener. Although he isn’t such a landscape expert, he is interested in making the beautiful and inspired landscape, where he can enjoy with his family.

You’ll find his approach to the garden is simple and accessible. You don’t need to be an expert to truly enjoy a beautiful area of the landscape.

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You won’t get any hard sells on this site, just honest recommendations based on real life experience and thorough research.

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