Best Cheap Welding Helmets

With many retailers purporting to offer the best cheap welding helmets, good quality is often compromised. Striving to pick a welding helmet that gives you the best value for money should be a priority, you probably won’t be buying another soon.

What to Look For In the Best Cheap Welding Helmets

cheap welding helmets

National Safety Standards

There are set requirements for welding helmets for the mode switch speed, lens darkening, and other specifications. As a consumer, ensure the helmet is compliant to your country’s regulations, these vary across the globe.

Number of Sensors

The best cheap welding helmets by various manufacturers have different sensor numbers. To have an effortless time when welding over long time periods, pick the helmet with the most sensors. A higher number of sensors enable better workspace coverage.

Fixed/Varying Rays

Since many welding professionals work with different materials, using varying lenses is an important consideration. Auto-adjusting lenses are the best choice as they re-adjust to the material’s brightness. Passive lenses are less flexible and more time-consuming.

Lens-Switching Speed

Helmets of different quality have varying lens adjusting levels. To have the easiest time while welding, consider using the fastest adjusting lens. The best cheap welding helmets reviewed here boast of fast auto-adjusting lenses.

Top 5 Best Cheap welding helmets

As I searched for the best fairly priced welding helmet, here are the models I tried out first:

Antra Ah6-660-6217 Welding Helmet


  • Split-second switching time
  • Applicable in many welding techniques
  • Has 16 shades
  • Wide viewing area


  • Solar-powered makes it unsuitable for industrial use

Are you in need of an auto-darkening helmet capable of SMAW, MIG, TIG plasma arc and much more? Antra AH6 has received ANSI and CSA certification. This solar-powered beauty keeps you safe while welding, preventing disastrous injuries and long-term effects.

With an amazing 0.00004 response switching time, this helmet is particularly ideal for beginners who are yet to learn about harmful UV ray exposure.

Easy To Manipulate

The user easily accesses switching lens and darkening sensitivity settings for a safer, more comfortable experience, the step-less adjustable knob easily tunes these settings. Due to the automation of most features, the user-friendly experience allows you more time to learn quickly and adjust your welds.

Blocking UV Rays

Antra AH6 is designed to block up to sixteen shades of harmful infrared and UV rays. This helmet has more shades than similar products on the market, with a lightning-fast switch speed. In crucial situations, this is resourceful in avoiding long-term exposure effects.

FYI: For novice welders’ the 3.86” x 1.78” viewing area is wide enough, this adds to safety as you have more control over the working area.

If you are new to the welding industry, this is a good start. Antra AH6 gives you good value for your money, albeit minor shortcomings. Before putting it on, ensure it’ sufficiently charged. A pair of additional lenses can come in handy.

Instapark ADF Series GX-350S Solar-Powered Welding Helmet


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use
  • Wide viewing area
  • Varying shade adjustment
  • Applicable in most welding situations


  • Flashing may occur rarely
  • Might feel relatively flimsy

Instapark GX-350S is a popular helmet among welding professionals. With significantly increased optics, the optimal rating is nearly perfect. Compared to most other helmets, vision is crystal clear. The wider viewing area gives you more control, enabling you to perform perfect welds safely.

Cost-effective and Durable

With a straight solar functionality, maintaining this helmet is as easy as placing in the sun or sting UV light. As among the best cheap welding helmets, if gives you value for money while providing exquisite features matching those of high-end helmets.

To avoid flashing, the solar cells should be charged regularly; this also keeps the helmet in impeccable working condition.

Ergonomic Design

This helmet’s design assures the user of maximum comfort even over long time periods. The ergonomic design slashes down the pressure experienced by your neck and head. All components are lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use.

This helmet’s durable construction assures you of extensive service. With top-notch clarity, beginners will find it easy to work with. The super-fast darkening feature keeps your eyes safe from the bright light.

Coocher Solar MIG TIG ARC Professional Mask


  • Durable build
  • Compatible with many lenses
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Suitable for almost all welding requirements


  • Quite hard to control with thick gloves on

As a welder designed for all welding techniques, using this helmet both at domestic and industrial level is a breeze. Optics have been greatly improved to give you a clearer and wider view of the project area. Even during electric failures, solar power keeps you safe from bright glares.

As a mark of its impeccable quality, the helmet has met and surpassed AS/NZS, ANSI Z87.1, and GS among other standards.


With this helmet, a professional user can easily switch between tasks and techniques without exposing themselves to harm. All welding techniques are easy to accomplish, saving you money you would have otherwise spent on other compatible solutions.

Comfortable and Lightweight

If you are a homeowner who fancies artwork, you can use the helmet for hours without feeling weighed-down. With enough padding and excellent airflow, maximum user comfort is visible in the design.

FYI: This model uses both solar and batteries, you always have a reliable back-up should batteries drain during welding.

As we grow older, our eyes naturally become weaker, for welders, the risk is much higher. This Coocher helmet protects your vision, allowing you to work for longer and with better results. Its compatibility with many lenses makes it ideal for industrial use too.

Instapark ADF Series GX600 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


  • Can accommodate various user head sizes
  • Very affordable
  • Performs well in long-term projects
  • Allows hands-free welding


  • The lens cover scratches easily

This model was comfortable to wear for long periods of time, allowing me to accomplish a lot without straining. Durability and strength are both aspects of this welding helmet, making it ideal for challenging projects.

Optimum Optical Clarity

If you are to get ahead in your welding career, maintaining eye-contact with your project is essential. This helmet’s lens gives you incredible optical clarity, helping you avoid minor errors. Working on a project for hours on end can leave you quite fatigued. The optic denomination reduces the likelihood of this happening.

Auto Darkening Filter

With a filter, you no longer have to keep lifting the welding helmet continually in-between torch placements. This helmets filter will automatically adjust to the immediate light sensitivity, eliminating the need to switch between grinding and welding. By keeping your focus squarely on the project, you easily increase productivity and save time.

This helmet’s versatility allows it to handle different welding projects and techniques with ease. It is capable of handling TIG, MIG, and Stick welding.

In terms of name brand, durability, and performance, this Instapark welding helmet rarely disappoints. Its 2-year warranty makes it a viable economic purchase for industrial use. The company is responsive in answering customer queries.

ZTDM Pro Solar Welding Helmet


  • Two power sources
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-darkening filters
  • Easy-to-operate control knob
  • Automated features


  • The user might experience mild flashes

Ideal for high welding-operation temperature, this helmet is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike; welding and grinding can be achieved effortlessly. Your face is securely and comfortably sealed from harmful radiation, sparks, and splatter.

Large Viewing Area

With a viewing area of 3.66” x 1.69”, I had a full view of the entire project area, making it easier to make split-second decisions and consistently produce near-perfect welds. The two sensors adjust the shade instantly in response to the surrounding light.

FYI: Power On/Off is fully automated.

Power Sources

This eco-friendly helmet uses both battery and solar power. Whenever the battery is running low, an indicator alerts you; if you still don’t act, the helmet switches to solar power, allowing you to complete the weld uninterrupted.

Tip: This helmet supports auto-color changes and long working hours.

As a high-performance cheap helmet, this model gives the user adequate protection from harmful radiation and dangerous sparks and splatter. Though it lacks 4 sensors characteristic of higher-end welders, it handles mild to average usage without a fuss.

Wrap Up

Your safety while welding should be your primary concern. With a comfortable and fully functional helmet, you can accomplish a lot without exposing your face and eyes to unnecessary harm. Auto-darkening was a highly important feature I took to access.