Best Cheap Lawn Mowers

cheap lawn mowersWith hundreds of lawn mower models on the market, it’s hard finding an easy-to-use, high-performance machine at a fair price. From the powerful to the cheap, cheerful mowers, there are many options in-between. When choosing from the best cheap lawn mowers, one should consider the size of their lawn, their height, and strength, among other important factors.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on selecting the best cheap lawn mowers:

What Kind of Lawn Mower Will Work Best For You?

Hover Lawn Mowers – These mowers glide on a cushion of air over your lawn; not all models are fitted with grass collecting features. Both maneuverable and light, these mowers are incredibly compact and storing them is as easy as hanging on the wall. They should strictly be used on soft, short lawn.

Cylinder Lawn Mowers – Leaving a very smooth finish on the lawn, these mowers cut like scissors. Their design makes them ideal for leaving clippings to mulch down as well as trimming short grass. They don’t do well in bumpy lawns and long grass.

Petrol Rotary Lawn Mowers – These powerful mowers are self-propelled, making them ideal for mowing larger lawns and tougher grass. Since they don’t have a limiting power cable, mowing around large obstacles is easily achievable.

Corded Electric Rotary Lawn Mowers – The cheap and highly proficient models are equipped to cut long and damp lawn. To mow up to the lawn’s edge, ensure your choice has lawn combs as well as front wheels. Most models have a battery which can mow a medium-sized lawn.

What Features Should You Look Out For?

At the very least, the mower should have a spacious grass box and metal blades. In addition, it should have:

An Ideal Cutting Height

The typical cutting range in between 12 and 70 mm; a wider range allows you to cut different qualities of lawn. Different seasons also call for varying lawn heights. A fine ornamental lawn, for instance, requires a cutter of at least 13 mm height.

While it is easier to work with a mower that has a single height adjuster feature, most cheap lawn mowers have individual replaceable wheels. For hover mowers, you’ll have to remove the blade before altering the spacers.

Long Switch

For most mowers, an operation is as easy as pressing the long switch on the handle’s right side. For easier mowing, this switch can be operated with both hands interchangeably. Lawn mowers with a double-switch are less popular but still great.

Grass Collection

This can either be a plastic box or cloth bag, holding grass clipping and keeping the area clean. The bigger the collection bag, the lesser you will frequent the compost heap. While some mowers come with an indicator or window on top (to show when the bag fills), these don’t work exclusively well.

Mulching Mowers

As I scouted for the best cheap lawn mower, this feature intrigued me the most. Lawn mowers that are able to mulch the grass clippings and immediately spray them on the lawn have numerous benefits. Apart from saving the hassle of collecting grass, your lawn receives nutrients upon which it becomes healthier and thrives.

While some models come with a knob for quickly converting collected mulch, others have a plastic or metal plate blocking off the grass collector.

Push or Self-Propulsion

If you have a fairly small lawn, push models are easier to work with. If the area is larger and requires more work, self-propelled options make your work incredibly easy. You just have to guide the lawn and operate the switch. Some have adjustable speeds to match your walking pace.

Reviews of The Best Cheap Lawn Mowers

In my quest to review the best cheap lawn mowers, here are the lawn mowers that stood out:

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20” Lawn Mower


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile and allows several cutting heights
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Cuts lawn quickly
  • Handles all grass heights


  • The power cord makes it bothersome to use around trees and pools

Engineered to cater for all your lawn mowing needs, GreenWorks 25022 is run by a powerful motor, enabling it to cut through tough grass without clogging or jamming. Whether your yard is medium or large, this mower allows you to superbly cut the landscape evenly.

Height Adjustability

With 7 height adjustability options, this lawn mower allows you to cut through bumpy, uneven, and flat surfaces with relative ease. It can all cut through any length of grass, with its cutter being positioned to cut between 3-3/4 inches above ground.

3-In-1 Design

This easy-to-use mower allows you to mulch, side-discharge, or bag the grass clippings. Mulching is a great way to provide your lawn with growth nutrients. If your grass is already healthy enough, the grass can be conveniently collected in the rear bag and disposed of with.

Easy Installation and Storage

For a beginner, it only takes about 20 minutes to set up the mower. Once you’re done using it, the flexible arms can be folded for easier storage. All instructions on how to put together the parts are clearly explained in the manual.

As a quieter mower with lesser interference, you get your job done discreetly. Being electric, there are no gas fumes to worry about either. Apart from being a cheap mower, it is even easier to maintain since you only have to charge it.

Fiskars 18” Staysharp Max Reel Mower


  • Anti-dust treatment
  • Impeccable cut quality
  • 30% easier for you to push than conventional mowers
  • Straightforward height adjustment


  • It covers a narrower cut area

Harnessing your momentum and using it to power through lawn, Fiskars 18” mower features the latest technological advancements, like VersaCut and InertiaDrive Reel. Depending on the need or season, the cutting height can be adjusted between 1 and 4 inches. With it, you can comfortably cut through any grass type.

Cut Quality

For the best results, avoid setting the cutting height above a third of the current average; it would otherwise result in higher friction when mowing tough grass. Manipulating the blade arrangements is one way to reduce such friction.

Though this might take getting used to, you will eventually master making adjustments depending on the grass type or growth cycle.

Ease of Use

The mower’s constant-loop elongated design allows you to push it vertically or horizontally with ease. The horizontal approach is ideal for shorter grass while the vertical method best suits tall and tough grass.

Upon purchase, the unit came pre-assembled with only minor manual assembly requirements (the handle and other components). The manual contains clear guidelines on how to easily set it up using a wrench.

With a 3-year warranty, this quality product can offer you years of service when handled and maintained well. Its price range is fair considering the incredible features it comes with.

Sun Joe MJ401e Lawn Mower


  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No oil and gas spills
  • Powerful 12-Amp motor


  • The lowest height will scrap the ground, possibly damaging the blades.
  • A limited 3 height adjustment positions

If your yard is small, this maneuverable and light mower is your best fit. The 14” deck makes it easier to operate and trim lawn edges with ease and accuracy. The steel blades come precision-sharpened and should be maintained that way for excellent performance.

With a comprehensive two-year warranty, Sun Joe MJ401e guarantees you of efficient service for a long while.

Motor Power

The 12 Amp powering this rather small mower generates enough power to cut through all types of lawn. While this type of motor is often seen in models with heights of 20”, you will be required to use a thicker gauged power cable to handle the power.

Easy Maintenance

With a tough and compact plastic body, this walk-behind mower hardly requires any maintenance. As long as you store it properly, it will start and run without a fuss. Though the cutting deck is quite small compared to the output power, it should be pushed slowly to avoid damage to the blades.

This lawn mower is cost effective and does a great job on small yards.

A light-weight mowing beast is a favorite option among homeowners. It packs just the right amount of power in a compact design and size.

Earthwise Electric 50220 Lawn Mower


  • Incredible cut quality
  • Easy height adjustability
  • 3 options for discharge
  • Enough power to handle all lawns


  • When running at high RPM, the motor uses more power

This small and powerful machine will make lawn mowing an enjoyable and highly rewarding exercise. To highlight its ergonomics, this mower comes with an easy-to-use V-shaped handle with padded handles. Though designed for small yards, don’t let the small frame to fool you; it can complete an incredible amount of work in no time.

Cost Effectiveness

While it is not the most powerful lawn mower on the market, it is fairly priced and offers you multi-purpose mowing. As an all-rounder, this mower offers excellent services across the board, making it easier for homeowners to maintain beautiful lawns.

There are other mowers in the category with smaller cutting decks. For only a fraction of what you pay for high-end mowers, you get all the amazing features.

Height Adjustment

The user can quickly adjust height with the all-wheel-response; this not only maintains balance but also produces completely even lawns. Adjusting height accordingly is important since this mower can stop at heavy patches when running at 3,500 RPM. When this happens, increase the height by a point and pull the machine back.

Earthwise 50220 corded mower slashes down the time you spend mowing significantly. The lower noise creates a conducive environment without disturbing the neighbors.

Black & Decker MTC220 12” Lithium cordless Lawn Mower


  • Detachable trimmer
  • Power driven transmission
  • Pivoting handle
  • A 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • Cordless and with a long lasting battery


  • You shouldn’t use it in damp and wet conditions since it is electric
  • It won’t do for medium-sized lawns

Using dual 20V Lithium batteries, this mower has an extended operation period, retaining the charge five times longer than conventional lawn mowers. The switch pedal makes it easy to switch between operation modes, saving you time and effort.

FYI: The single lever which controls all wheels, for instance, allows you to adjust two height levels.

How to Use It

This multi-purpose machine can be used as a trimmer, edger, or mower. In many setups, the cradle has been attached to the machine’s handle and blade. When you are mowing tight corners and edges, you can easily detach the main unit from the base.

The machine’s angled design, lightweight nature, and constant speed makes it ideal for trimming overgrown shrubs, pavement edges, around pots, and chopping down weed. For those with traditional gas-powered mowers, upgrading to this model hands you a powerful landscaping school.

Your home obviously has shrubs and tight edges that require trimming. Rather than do it manually, this mower offers you a classy solution, allowing you to simultaneously mow and trim shrubs and even flowers.

GreenWorks 25142 Lawn Mower


  • Easier storage enable by its compact design
  • Sturdy construction for a plastic tool
  • Allows easy maneuverability
  • Constant supply of power
  • Almost no maintenance will be required


  • The price is slightly high
  • The target market is arguably limited

As a modern homeowner, having a versatile and high-performing lawn mower and to your convenience and reduces overall maintenance costs. GreenWorks 25142 10-Amp corded mower offers a commendable 16” of working width, reducing the number of runs you have to take.

Target Users

If your yard is fairly small and requires mowing during weekends, this is your ideal machine. This lightweight tool shouldn’t be used to handle demanding tasks. Though the cutting area is significantly lower than that of a gas-powered mower, it performs equally as well.

When you are not running the mower over tall grass, your maintenance needs will be lower. A lawn size of 4,000 sq ft or smaller is recommended for the mower.

Ease of Operation

Even for first-time users, operating this mower is incredibly easy. A single switch powers the machine while a height adjuster makes it possible for you to work on all types of lawn. When put in contrast with conventional mowers, using it is almost effortless, you only need to follow behind at a comfortable pace.

GreenWorks assures you of a high-quality lawn mower capable of offering years of service. The four-year warranty is proof of the superb build. For the best results and longevity, the mower shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes.

Remington 22” Trimmer Lawn Mower


  • A strong string line
  • It’s easy to replace lines
  • Powerful engine provides incredible power
  • The easy pull-cord enables a quick start


  • It might be difficult to use for lawns greater than 15”

This easy-to-use trimmer is simple in design and operation. With it, you can mow your small yard in a matter of minutes. The machine has been widely commended for its high performance and reliability. The user’s convenience was a top priority for the manufacturer as is evident in the design and high success rate.

159cc 4-Cycle Engine

Even on the toughest yards, this high-powered engine keeps the blades running, ensuring a consistently smooth cut. With it, mowing is a highly-rewarding experience, gives you incredible results almost effortlessly.

Large wheels

If your lawn has thick shrubs and rough edges, larger wheels make maneuvering easier and the lawn more even. You can flip the mower on its back on edges and even tilt it to achieve the desired cut. An offset trimmer makes it possible to trim the hard-to-reach places.

With a 22” cutting swath, you have more control and reach over the lawn. The power remains consistent throughout the exercise.

With this trimmer in your home, hard tasks will appear significantly easier. The toughest weeds and grass will be mowed down instantly and the product either bagged or sprayed back over the lawn. You can expect optimal performance with this lawn mower.

Wrap Up

In this category, GreenWorks 25142 lawn mower offers you the best value for your money. As much as you want to buy the best cheap lawn mowers, the features must closely match the pricing. Diversity and reliability were the key determinants in settling for the best lawn mower in a comfortable price-bracket.

A durable lawn mower eliminates the need of having to incur unnecessary expenditure later on. The most common complaint with these mowers is cutting lines breaking. Ensure your line quality can handle considerable stress and continuous flexing.