When it comes to choosing the best gas leaf blower, it’s important to look for ones with good reliability and handling. And if you want the power of a gas leaf blower comes with easy-to-use features at the same time, we have Troy-Bilt TB4BP for you, you can see it more detail below.

So now let’s dive into:

What is the Best Gas Leaf Blower for The Money?

Troy-Bilt TB4BP Leaf Blower

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP blower is unique compared to other gas leaf blower out there, in the sense of it being attached to your back while you blow those leaves away. But whether it can be the best gas leaf blower? Keep reading on.

What will You Get?

You’ll get the following when you buy the Troy-Bilt TB4BP:

  • 4-cycle gas engine
  • Compression release starting system
  • Suspension system

The above are great features that are a must-have in the best leaf blower, but what deserves it’s own mention is the backpack mounting system. By having the blower mounted on your back that will save you a huge amount of fatigue. The harness is padded for extra comfort that means you’ll be even more mobile as you breeze around cleaning up those messy leaves. The suspension system helps to spread the weight between your shoulders to ensure that you don’t strain on one side.

The 32cc 4-cycle full crank engine blows at speeds up to 150mph, which is a solid amount of gas power, without being loud, producing a low 72 BA. So, without complaints from your neighbors whilst by using the quiet Troy-Bilt TB4BP.


  • Backpack system – spreads the weight for comfortable mobility and easy to use
  • Compression-release technology – ensures fast and easy starts
  • Powerful airflow – the oil powered engine can clear up the most stubborn piles of debris and leaves
  • Large fuel tank – holds 20 ounces prolonging those annoying refill stops


  • Maybe potential lack of reliability

Is This Blower For Me?

To not have the hassle of carrying a gas leaf blower, the Troy-Bilt TB4B’s backpack system will be perfect if you’re susceptible to aches and strains from lifting. With the harness is adjustable, so will fit all shapes and sizes, no matter how old you are. It makes more sense to buy a backpack system over a handheld one for this reason alone.

What The Users Are Saying:

Positive reviews mention the ease to use it due to the backpack as well as making an otherwise tiresome job comfortable. The quiet of the engine is also a focal point for this Troy-Bilt TB4B

There is some drawbacks to it’s potential to become unreliable, with problems mainly being hard to start, especially with the pull cord being weak. However, there’s bound to be a warranty with this product, so these problems are easily resolved.

To Finish

Great for making those fatigue-building jobs in your home yard or on the sidewalk a breeze, this Troy-Bilt TB4B stands out from the rest due to its backpack system.

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Husqvarna 125BVx 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Blower/Vac With Smart Start

The Husqvarna 125BVx is one of the most established brands on the market. But, can this blower be a best gas leaf blower out there? Let’s take a look.

What will You Get?

Here’s a quick run-down of the main features you will see in the 125BVx:

  • In-lined outlet
  • Cruise control
  • Smart Start
  • Adjustable tube length

This gas leaf blower has some good features. There’s a basic focus with this model on its ease of use. The in-line outlet means that the air stream is in the same directional flow as the handle, causing more streamlined use. The Husqvarna 125BVx has the cruise control feature adds to this by enabling you to set the fan speed, so you can concentrate on getting rid of those leaves.

Its single tube can be easily adjustable, giving you better options for different circumstances. Its weight is only 9.6lbs, and using the simple buttons should be ever so easy, that will be within reach of your free hand. Yup, that’s right, this gas leaf blower is designed to be used by one hand only, making it much easier to operate and control over.

If you add in the supplementary features of vacuuming and mulching, you’ve got yourself a fantastic all-encompassing leaf blower with this 125BVx.


  • Smart Start – requires minimum effort to start
  • Easy and lightweight – free hand to operate the controls
  • Triple function – meaning you can blow, vacuum and mulch leaves
  • Ergonomic – tube and handle design make operation very easy


  • Basic – it does all the basic things you need but might not be appropriate for bigger jobs

Is This Blower For Me?

If you’re looking for the best gas leaf blower to clear up the accumulated leaves in your yard with ease and without complications, then yes, the Husqvarna 125BVx will definitely suit your needs. It has great control and design with a soft handle, so you couldn’t experience any discomfort using it. But, if you’re looking for a bigger task, then this one-handed leaf blower might not be perfect. You’d still get the job done, but it might take longer.

What The Users Are Saying

There’s a lot of power coming out of this little gas blower as a small machine. It’s been described as the best gas leaf blower for the price you pay, which is what most of us look for when buying anything, right? It would seem that this is a safe purchase if you’re looking to grab something decent at a good price.

There have been some negative feedbacks with regards to the instruction manual not being very user-friendly. It’s not like you’re going to be constructing a complicated piece of flatpack furniture, so this can be annoying, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

To Finish

Perfectly sized with great power, it’s hard to not like this gas leaf blower. Being easy to operate and with a good price tag make the Husqvarna 125BVx a safe purchase.

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Best Choice For Your Money – Remington RM125 180 MPH 400 CFM 2-Cycle 25cc Gas Handheld Leaf Blower

Could this be the gas leaf blower you’ve been looking for? Let’s take a look at the Remington RM125 in more detail.

What Will You Get?

Here’s a quick run-down of the features you will get with this 125BVx:

  • Powered by a 25cc 2-cycle gas engine
  • Operator’s Manual
  • QuickStart technology makes pull start easier and simple 3-step starting
  • Variable throttle for better handling and greater control
  • 2 year limited warranty

This Remington model has a 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine for more consistent, dependable power and a lighter weight to combat user fatigue until the job is done. The variable throttle comes with cruise control that provides enhanced control over performance and for better hadingling.


  • Easy Handling
  • Not too heavy and ergonomic design
  • Reliable – well built and good design means it’s hard to beat
  • Starts easily if you follow the instructions


  • Not suitable for larger jobs
  • Designed for left-hand use

Is This Blower For Me?

In a nutshell, yes! The Remington RM125 excels at coping with the small jobs. The handle and lightweight mean it is probably the best gas handheld leaf blower for a small job on the market. If you’re looking for a more commercial leaf blower then you should pick something a bit larger.

What The Users Are Saying

This gas leaf blower has many good feedbacks. The main focus is on its ability to do the smaller job really well with a cheap price. Ideal for harder surfaces such as driveways and patios, but don’t use it on heavier collections of leaves such as in shrubbery and on lawns.

Any negative reviews for this gas leaf blower are about instructions. Some users said it’s hard to start from the beginning.

To Finish

The Remington RM125 is a best gas leaf blower with a very reasonable price. Give it a try!

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Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower Review

The Hitachi RB24EAP is a brilliant gas-powered two-stroke leaf blower that will do a great job of clearing away leaves. Keep reading to see the good and bad about this gas blower.

What Will you Get?

Here’s a quick run-down of the features you get with this gas leaf blower:

  • 23.9cc commercial grade 2-stroke engine
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Weighs 8.6lbs
  • 7 Year Warranty

The solid and robust 2-stroke engine gives the Hitachi RB24EAP great reliability and performance. With the air volume of 441CFM,  that mean you’ll have a powerful and fast leaf blower. The engine has low-emissions that is operated via a 2-finger throttle, which can be stopped by an auto-return stop switch easily. With the engine powers air to speeds up to 170mph, that is more than enough for effective leaf-cleaning duties.


  • Light and powerful – good for both small or big jobs
  • Easy to use – helpful two-finger throttle and auto-return stop switch
  • Low emissions and environmentally friendly – safer operation for the environment


  • Not easy to start

Is This Blower For Me?

The Hitachi RB24EAP has the powerful engine, that means its great for a heavier covering of leaves during autumn, as well as being able to clear up smaller jobs. It still not being a heavy leaf blower, so it’s good for those who are not sure if they could wield something that could carry out heavier tasks.

What The Users Are Saying

Well, most of the good reviews focus on the ease of use and the power that the RB24EAP generates. Any negative feedback seems to be with packaging and delivery.

To Finish

You really will be getting a high-quality gas leaf blower if you buy this item. It might not have a heap of features, but at the end of the day, you know you’ll be able to carry out the larger tasks as well as the small, easy ones with this gas handheld blower.

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Hope this is helpful!

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